NBA 2023 Trade: Blockbuster Player Deals That Shaped the League

NBA 2023 Trade: Blockbuster Player Deals That Shaped the League

Player trade deals in the NBA are a major shift the league can have. If you want to know what blockbuster player deals shaped the league, you landed in the right place! This article comprises the best NBA 2023 trade deals

Some of the best NBA 2023 trade deals:

  • The Raptors and The Spurs Exchange Poeltl and Birch
  • Josh Richardson and Devonte Graham
  • The Hornets Get Reggie Jackson On Board
  • Rockets, Clippers, and Grizzlies: A 3-Way Deal
  • Darius Bazley and Dario Saric
  • A Four-Team Trade

Regarding the NBA, these exciting trades keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Stay till the end to look at all the best NBA trade deals.

What is an NBA Player Trade Deal?

To put it in simple words, these are player swaps between two or more basketball teams in the NBA. It goes like when one team gives (exchange/trade) one or more of its players to another in exchange for different players. It can be from the same team or the others.

The teams must ask the NBA for permission to carry out the trade. All the teams first discuss who they want to trade with and which player and compile a list. When all the teams are satisfied with the trades they want to make, they can proceed with the exchange.

These trades can make or break the team. The teams can go from being a bad team to a perfect one with the right mixture of players. That is why a lot of strategic planning goes into the teams selecting and trading their players.

How do these Player Deals Work?

If you have played with Pokemon cards before, you know exactly how trading works. NBA player trades are something like when people swap cards in a trading game. The teams tend to exchange players according to their needs.

Their needs could vary from lacking a good shooter to a good defender. They look for players from another team to fix that need. Only after the NBA’s permission can the trade move forward.

The Best NBA 2023 Trade Deals

  • Jakob Poeltl and Khem Birch: The Raptors and The Spurs 

This occurred on the 9th of February, 2023, when one of the many NBA 2023 trade deals took place– between The Raptors and The Spurs when the Raptors exchanged Khem Birch for Jakob Poeltl from the Spurs. 

Spurs trade center Jakob Poeltl to Toronto for Khem Birch, bevy of draft  picks | KABB

Image Source

In 2018, the Spurs signed Poeltl into their team through a trade with the Raptors, where he played in about 326 games.

  •  Josh Richardson and Devonte Graham: The Pelicans and The Spurs

At the beginning of February, the New Orleans Pelicans traded Devonte Graham for Josh Richardson from the San Antonio Spurs as they struggled with the players’ salaries.

Josh Richardson (left) and Devonte Graham (right)

Image Source

Fun Fact: Back in the 2021 offseason, The Pelicans got Graham into their team as a part of a trade with Charlotte, expecting Devon to deliver a steady perimeter shooting. 

  • The Hornets Get Reggie Jackson On Board: The Clippers and the Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets agreed to exchange Mason Plumlee to the Los Angeles Clippers for Reggie Jackson on the 10th of February, 2023. When it comes to Plumlee, he has always been a star for the Charlotte Hornets, given his impressive scores. He is still mainly a post player, as he needs to make a three-pointer shot this season.

NBA Rumors: Reggie Jackson, Hornets to Agree to Contract Buyout; PG Eyes  Contender | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Image Source

  • Danny Green, John Wall, Eric Gordon, and Luke Kennard: Rockets, Clippers, and Grizzlies 

On 9th February, the Houston Rockets got Danny Green, the Los Angeles Clippers got their hands on Eric Gordon and John Wall, and the Memphis Grizzlies took in Luke Kennard. 

  • Darius Bazley and Dario Saric: The Thunder and The Suns

The Suns exchanged Dario Saric for Darius Bazley in February. He was considered a great player for the Suns, but because of the ACL injury Saric suffered in 2021, it has been hard for him to recover since the finals of the NBA 2021. 

Suns add defensive-minded Darius Bazley at trade deadline - Bright Side Of  The Sun

Image Source

  • A Four-Team Blockbuster Deal: 76ers, Hornets, the Blazers, and the Knicks

A 4 team deal! That is quite rare in early 2023. The Blazers received Matisse Thybulle through a trade with the 76ers, the Hornets, and the New York Knicks. Jalen McDaniels was signed off to the 76ers, and Josh Hart to the New Yorkers.

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Q: How do trades help the team?

A: Trades help teams to better or strengthen themselves or even change their players if they aren't doing well with the current team that they have. They can talk to each other and come to a common agreement before presenting the trade proposal in front of the NBA.

Q: How many times can trades happen?

A: An NBA player trade can occur as often as the team wishes while following certain rules and guidelines from the NBA. Trades for one player taking place more than two times are unlikely unless the player is in high demand.

Q: Can a player refuse a trade in the NBA?

A: If the player is under a contract, then the player is tradable unless there is a no-trade clause. This allows the trade to not occur according to the contract because the player does not wish to be traded. The players can be traded only if they consent to it.

Q: Why do players get traded?

A: The most common reason players get traded is that the team can not pay their salaries. 


NBA 2023 trade deals have helped shape the league for the better. In this article, we pointed out the best player exchanges. We also went over what the trading of players means and how it works.

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